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Serving Coeur d'Alene and Hayden, Idaho and the surrounding areas with expert window installation services.

  Outdated windows and doors remain one of the leading causes of excessive heating and cooling loss in residential homes. Fortunately a wide variety of new technologies have taken the fenestration industry to new levels in recent years. Low-E coatings, tinted glass, warm-edge spacers, gas filled insulated glass units and multi-chambered vinyl extrusions , are just a few of the current options leading to a much greater resistance to the outside elements.
  Now is the time to invest in energy efficient windows and doors for years of savings. Some additional benefits you will enjoy include:

  • External Noise Reduction
  • Care-free maintenance
  • Ease of operation
  • Simonton Windows - North Idaho Dealer - Coeur d Alene Hayden
    We recommend you check out our info page.
      It contains an installation FAQ and a glossary of terms to help you get better acquainted with the steps and terms involved in replacing your windows, doors, skylights and more! Click here...

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